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Energy Savings using Wind & Sun

Solar and/or wind power for your residence .
Location makes a difference .
Typically 500 to 4000 watt systems .

Battery storage and inverters .

Water tanks .
12 to 12,000 gallons
Water filters .

Whisper H500 (500 watts)
                       Boat, cabin or telecommunications. 3 blade, 5 foot diameter.
                       Simple pole mount. Value leader. Great looking buffed
                       stainless steel option.
                Whisper H900 (900 watts)
                       Telecommunications, home, cabin. 3 blade, 7 foot diameter.
                       Lightweight, simple pole mount. Cathodic protection.
                Whisper 1000 (1000 watts)
                       Small farm, home and cabin power. 2 blade, 9 foot diameter.
                       Our most popular model. Maximum efficiency in winds
                       where most people live.
                Whisper 3000 (3000 watts)
                       Telecommunications, small village, farm and home. 3 blade,
                       13.8 foot diameter. Smooth, tough and powerful in the
                       highest winds.


Solar Panels ~ Reduce your electricity bill by utilizing the power of the sun!  Contact for more information about solar panels.


Please call us with your parameters .
Our pricing is based on a system tailored for your needs .




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